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Rotary Switch/ASS/VSS

We offer high quality Rotary electric switches, Rotary Power Switches, Ammeter and Voltmeter selectors (ASS / VSS). These rotary electric switches and selectors are available for both AC and DC connections. Our range of switches and selectors can be availed in different specifications based on the client's requirements.

CAM Operated Rotary Switches

CAM operated switches are set of contacts arranged to make and break in a sequential fashion by which the connected outputs will close and open the circuits. The main functions of the rotary power switches are in making and breaking and isolation of power circuits and switching of auxiliary circuits.
  • Range 6A to 63A
  • Suitable for AC as well as DC application
  • Flexibility of number of position S. switching angles (30°, 40°, 60° &. 90°)
  • Flexibility in contact block selection
  • Make before break type
  • Option of type of mechanism
  • Programming of switching possible
  • A choice of attractive knob colours

CAM operated Rotary SwitchesCAM operated Rotary Switches


We offer quality ammeter and voltmeter selector switches for different models of panel meter. These switches or selectors eliminate the necessity for a separate selector switch, providing valuable panel space and installation benefits.
  • Ammeter Selector Switch available in 6A and 10A
  • Voltmeter Selector Switch available in 6A and 10A


Energy Meter

We offer highly reliable electric energy meters that monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit. These electric energy meters have a large termination capacity with a digital display. Our range power energy meters are available in Ampere meter and Voltmeter versions.

Digital Ampere Meter & Voltmeter

Our range of high quality Digital Ampere Meter & Voltmeter is ideal to be used as panel meters across different industries. The full scale meters provide accurate reading for AC & DC currents. These electric energy meters have a compact size and can easily installed on the panels.
Silent Features
  • Compact dimension 96x96mm2 panel mounted
  • Large termination capacity
  • Proper filtration for voltage fluctuation
  • Solid state digital uniform display
  • Fabulous look and shock proof enclosure

Digital voltmeter - Technical Specifications
  • 3 digit display with solid state device
  • Voltage Range 0-500V. / 0-1DO0V
  • Accuracy class : 1.0
  • Auxiliary supply : 230V AC
  • Size : 96x96mm2

Digital Ampere Meter - Technical Specifications
  • 3.5 digit display with solid state device
  • 5 Ampere secondary scale range
  • Range from 50/5 to 800/5A CT operated
  • Class of Accuracy : 1.0
  • Auxiliary Supply : 230V AC
  • Size : 96x96mm2

Digital Ampere Meter & Voltmeter


We offer a comprehensive range of Ammeter/Voltmeter/Current Transformers (CT) for application in different industries. These instruments have a robust construction and circuits that guarantee reliability in performance. Our range of Ammeter/Voltmeter/Current Transformers (CT) can be availed in variety of specifications at the most competitive prices.


Our range of ammeter are used to measure current flow in amperes and display current levels. These devices provide information about current draw and current continuity in order to help users troubleshoot erratic loads.
Technical Specifications
  • Range : 50,60,70,80,100, 150 & 200A
  • Available in size : 72X72mm, 9BX96mm. 144X144mm2
  • Version : AC & DC
  • External DC Shunt (with 75 mv drop}
  • Class : 1.0
  • Available in : 30A to 70A


Electric Voltmeter

We offer high quality electric voltmeter that are used for measuring the electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. These voltmeters provide high measurement accuracy and there is no overshoot or undershoot, while measuring step voltage changes.
Technical Specifications
  • Range : 15V- 300V / 500V- 600V
  • Available in size : 72X72mm, 96X96mm, 144 X 144mm2
  • Version : AC & DC


Current Transformer

We offer high and medium range current transformers to suit energy meter applications in industries. These transformers are designed to provide a current in its secondary winding proportional to the alternating current flowing in its primary. Our range of current transformers can be customized depending upon the power applications and requirements of the clients.

Technical Specifications
  • Range : 30/5A To 5000/5A
  • Type : BPL Type
  • Available in : 5VA. 10VA, & 1 5 VA Burden
  • Up to 200/ 5A : ID = 35mm, OD = 75mm
  • Up to 600/ 5A : ID = 55mm, OD = 90mm
  • Up to 1200/5A : ID = 105mm, OD=135mm
  • Up to 1600/ 5A : ID = 120mm, OD=165mm
  • Up to 3000/5A : ID = 115mm, OD=107mm

Quality Standards
  • Conforms to IS:2705 : 1992

Silent Features
  • LT Resin cast, bar primary wound primary and window type
  • CT windings are made from electrolytic high conductivity copper covered with best insulation
  • Zero phase angle error
  • Moisture Proof
  • CTs are also available as per customers specific requirements

Current TransformerCurrent Transformer

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